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Dj Demakufu is a Kenyan one drop Dj and amongst the best Matatu deejays in Nairobi City who has gained massive popularity possibly due to his quirky stage name.

Things you didn’t know about Dj Demakufu || Martin Owaka Biography

Dj Demakufu a.k.a Dj First Born’s realname is Martin Owaka.

“I started as DJ First Born, but then one day I went to this guy who was supposed to do a drop (a point in a music track where the deejay inserts his name or a popular soundbyte or siren that then becomes his signature) for me, and instead of saying ‘DJ First born’ he said Demakufu, I don’t know whether he was drunk but I embraced it,” 

Martin Owaka a.k.a Demakufu who hails from Dandora, his initial job was as casual worker at Industrial Area getting paid Kshs350. He found the music industry too difficult to penetrate and hence had to look for menial jobs in Industrial Area to sustain himself.
Demakufu began his career in 2012. His father, who believed in his talent and craft bought him a mixer and the rest, as they say, is history. His journey began with a two-man “army” that would stand at bus stops to sell his mixtapes to matatu crew.
Demakufu, real name Martin Owaka, is still amazed at how his music mixes went viral especially among Githurai matatus. His distribution technique, not at all rocket science, was to ensure that his team covered every major bus stop in the city.

“On a good day we would sell about 20 copies for Sh200 each. The drivers usually copy the mixtapes to flash disks and play them in whichever bus or matatu they are driving, same goes for the touts,” .

He started getting fans who even demanded that the crew play his music. “There’s a time people refused to board a matatu in Dandora unless they played my mix.” he says, laughing.


“its not just love for music , it’s my hobby. Music is essential to my life”