By Mkikuyu Mjaka

Nairobi’s darling of the street  decks Dj Demakufu a few days ago made it official that he had withdrawn from the ongoing Stylus Deejayz Awards.The celebrated deejay was however adamant on naming the guyz behind his sudden change of mind.
Demakufu posted this on his facebook page a few days ago
 “This is to inform you good friends of Demakufu that Demakufu is no longer participating in the Stylus Dj Awards due to lack of confidence and trust in their VOTING system. Thank you for VOTING for us to the current level and may God bless you all.”
Speaking to Bonyeza Star in an exclusive interview the Nairobi Kingpin of Matatu airwaves had this to say.
BONYEZA STAR :Good evening Demakufu, concerning your withdrawal from Stylus Deejay Awards Allow us  ask you a few questions 1 hour ago
DEMAKUFU :  its ok  but stylus wanafanya job poa the
only thing is that they are not aware ni kwamba wasee wanajivotia 1 hour ago · Sent from Web
BONYEZA STAR : Noma sana meaning quite a number of nominees wanajivotia sana kushinda hata fans? Meanwhile am sure you were contacted before getting nominated, did you by any chance report your complain to them before announcing your withdrawal and if you did what was the response 56 minutes ago

DEMAKUFU : I did but the response was negative .Besides am not the only who had that problem.Thats the reason that made me to quit officially juu the same guy who contacted me
ndio msee alinitext akanishow I have  been nominated.Nika msho what was happening .26 minutes ago · Sent from Messenger

BONYEZA STAR:  Nairobi and Kenya as a whole knows you as the current kingpin of Matatu airwaves and backstreet mixxes, dont you think you deserved to emerge the winner in your category and second,are you able to identify any colleague or colleagues with whom you were nominated in the same category and are part of the irregularity you are talking.I do believe the 5k votes were genuine owing to the fact that your works have swept the streets lately .Soon after you realised you were being shortchanged ,which nominees replaced you suddenly and with how many votes,i believe you were able to follow the vote tallying online

DEMAKUFU : it was not a must for me to win even if nachezwa sana becoz unaeza chezwa na bado huna followers na stylus c competition yangu ya kuanza ni ya tatu ya kuanza ilikua mtaa yangu nikashindwa na msee wa vitual dj nikakubali ya pili ikawa ya Ronga nika win so am not saying that i deserved to win i demakufu am not in dj industry to compete so stylus wasione ati Demakufu naringa bt nilikua nataka kuwaonyesha next tym waangalie vitu kaa hizo mtu haezi pata 2000 votes usiku saa tisa yet sisi tuna chocha fans mchna watu votie more so fans wangu venye waliona nko karibu kushindwa hao ndio walinishow hapo vitu hazifanyiki vizuri
i respect stylus n they are doing good job bt next time mtu aki raise shida they have to consider him positively Sat 14:57

BONYEZA STAR :Thanks so much Demakufu .Endelea kuchapa kazi Sat 16:07
Wazi bro Thax Chat conversation end