The illest nganya in Rongai failed to win Matatu of the Year award in the recently concluded Rongai Matatu Awards. And Rongaians are having none of it!!

Rongai-Nairobi route has the most pimped matatus in Kenya. Rongaians love to travel to diaspora in matatus that are literally mobile nightclubs, the loud music and disco lights etc.

Rongaians also hold annual fete to celebrate their matatus; 2016 Rongai Matatu Awards was held last Sunday August 28th at Nakeel grounds in Ongata Rongai.

Apparently Phantom is the people’s choice in Rongai. Claims of rigging followed after Catalyst was announced the winner.

The organizers of the event were faulted for being the architects of the alleged rigging. The blame has been laid on Political aspirant Mr. Abdisalam Hassan and Rufus Kamau aka Summy.

Mr. Hassan told Ghafla! he couldn’t have altered the results of the award explaining that he sponsored the event without favoritism on either side.

Ghafla! was given the results of Rongai Matatu Awards (by a person who wished to remain anonymous) which had not been tampered with:

Matatu of the year was phantom 808(Rustic) followed closely by Catalyst.

Best driver was Kevo transporter followed closely by Ruto, Phantom.

Best conductor was Kim 007 / Kamaa followed closely very by one vote Mavo/Msudii.

Best Maintained was Skyfall 007 followed by IMAX then kifaru by 6 votes.

Best Sound was Lee Audio Followed by Ndoch Ent.

Best designer was Moha Grafix followed by Nozy Customz.

Best lighting was Catalyst followed by Phantom 808.

Best fabricator was Choda followed by KCI.

Best Sacco was Ongataline sacco followed by Oromat sacco.

Best social media group of the year was Rongai anthemz followed by Umorugei.

Best Dj was Dj Demakufu followed by Kim Nickdee.