We have a new street king in town and he goes by the name Demakufu. The likes of Kalonje, Arika have had their time and now it’s about time they took a step back.

I wonder where he got that name. I know Kuf in Kikuyu means to demolish and bring down so maybe that’s what he intended to do; falling all the other street DJ’s with one just one sweep.

Enter any matatu now to Githurai, Civil servant, Buru Buru and wherever and you will hear one of his mixes playing. I love them myself especially the one drop ones and funny enough I’m not alone. Actually I pay close attention and I always see someone bumping their head to his jams.

Wherever you are Deamakufu, just know you are adding that extra spark to people’s lives and you don’t even know it.

One thing that stands out with Demakufu however is that he’s attempting to break away from the streets and into the clubs which I suppose lands you a footing into the corporate world.

I was partying at Club Santa fe in Westlands the other day, having a good time until the DJ dropped at a Deamkufu dub. I couldn’t believe it, I thought the DJ was playing one of his mixes until I asked around and it was actually him.

Apparently all these people had sacrificed their time and patted with their hard earned money to come watch this guy play. Here see it for yourself: