He is the man who makes party animals go berserk. He is the man who makes that kaguy on the dance floor grab your girlfriend “bend her over” and start daggering her as you watch in disguise. Ladies and gentlemen, he is none other than Martin Owaka popularly known as DJ Demakufu.

He is arguably the best street DJ around. From Matatus to brothels to downtown clubs to mtaani barber shops, his mix tapes are played all over the city. Even small kids know his name. Heck they recognise his spin-master skills. He is talented and creative. Demakufu is giving his counterparts a run for their money thanks to his prowess as a decks-master.

Well, Demakufu was part of the many local celebrities who attended Bahati’s new video at KICC as a good friend, I could not resist but take pics of him just to share with those that have never had a chance to have a closer glimpse of this popular street DJ.