After the rocky inauguration of the new assembly that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto skipped on August 30, Nairobi MCAs are back, but overly excited by modern chamber.

They seem to be still coming to terms to making contributions to House business from the comforts of their seats. The assembly was refurbished at a cost of over Sh200 million.

So excited were they that even as proceedings were going on, the waheshimiwa were spotted admiring the seats, carpeted floor, communication devices and big screens beaming the proceedings, while others took selfies, which is contrary to House standing orders.

Used to old chambers that doubled as the County Hall, many forgot to switch off their microphones that sometimes amplified their private conversations. “Can you take a photo with my iPad?” one was heard whispering.

Some MCAs exchanged pleasantries through loud microphones and others shouted, “This is D…D… DJ Demakufu on the disc!” much to the annoyance of Speaker Alex ole Magelo