He came, he saw and he conquered and now he’s on every matatu and out of town university event- you have to give it up for this man DJ Demakufu.

I remember when I first heard his mixes and couldn’t help but be fascinated by his name which was very much out of the norm and catchy. It was just interesting to see a DJ who doesn’t call themselves the top chef and the top adi top.

I then stumbled upon him when he was just starting at his office, some rugged warehouse near marikiti market which he used to co-share with his pal DJ Knitspin and looking at the guy now it’s pretty clear there are rewards for those that grind.

But I digress, it’s been more than a year now and looking at Demakufu’s profile, he‘s really doing well. He upgraded to a mac book and is now headlining shows alongside big cats like Khaligraph. He’s also keen to start Demakufu entertainment which will include a DJ School and TV show.

And not only that but women are also regularly surfacing on his timeline. Like this lass who has just blown my mind away and going by the way he’s holding her, she might just be the one.

I called him up to confirm but he didn’t pick up- probably he was busy performing at a gig or doing you know what…..

Anyway, here is the lass who I can guarantee will an instant sensation by tomorrow: