Popopopopo! Meet DJ Mike Sonko on the decks. Yeye ndio ule msee. Flamboyant politician tried his hand at spinning the decks over the weekend.

His attempt at deejaying was then posted on social media with the caption, “Vipi watu wangu? I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Deejay Sonko ako home learning a few things.Nione kama nitakuwa na skills za Deejay Demakufu.”

Popular street DJ Dema Kufu wrote a comment on the post, “Hehe Noma Sana Bro Kuja Lessons.”

The king of matatu mixes who says his name means, “strong like a lion”, continued in another post, “Eeeh! From nothing to something ata serikali imekubali. Big Up, Mheshimiwa Mike Sonko.”

Besides Demakufu, other fans also chimed in and commented about mheshimiwa’s technique.

Eric Kayanda gave Mike Sonko some advice saying, “Endelea hivyo hivyo you will learn..hata mimi I used to mix like you but i was passionate to mix and I learned from YouTube. Now, I can mix two songs without gonganishain…na bado na learn tu madoido tu.”

Zack Njiru wrote, “Uko juu but use the beat match first to sync the beats then use the fader, kill just a little midd so the words aren’t heard but just the beat.”

Alfred Ochieng added, “Badala utafte kura wee unapiga ngoma acha kidero atafte kura utabaki hapo uende upanguzie uhuru viatu na kiwi.”

Danson Mbengei wrote, “Good trial mheshimiwa. You can be a deejay but time is your limit.”